Alaskan Black Cod40
quinoa, onion soubise, Sicilian pistachio, foie gras emulsion
Mediterranean Seabass38
heirloom tomato, summer squash, Calabrian chili oil
Petaluma Organic Chicken36
Inca corn polenta, black mission fig, kimchee
South Texas Axis Deer44
chanterelle mushroom pasta, black walnut, cornichon
Sonoma Lamb Loin48
charred eggplant, Padron peppers, lovage
Tobacco Smoked Painted Hills New York55
braised turnip, horseradish greens, marrow butter

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"When people eat here, I'd like for them to feel they've experienced more than just dinner."  Watch Our Video at InTheMO

Plumed Horse, one of eight restaurants from around the world, received Wine Spectator’s 2015 New Grand Award!
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